1980s Korean flashback: The Daewoo K1A1 (VIDEO)

Classified as a subgun in South Korea, the K1 was intended to replace the M3 Grease Gun and Chris Bartocci with Small Arms Solutions takes a look at the import variant.

While the original K1 used a 10.4-inch barrel and ran .223 at a pretty spicy 900-rounds per minute, the semi-auto K1A1 that Bartocci has uses an 18-inch barrel. The guns are neat, borrowing a lot of stuff from both the AR-18 and the AR-15/M16 (it’s the only production non-AR that uses direct gas impingement) but it has a lot of unique stuff that is all Daewoo.

The K1A1 was imported until 1986 when the pipeline was shut, though a variant with a 10-round mag and thumb hole stock was brought in for a few years in the 1990s.

The guns did notably show up in the LA Riots in Koreatown, however.

That trigger d...(Photo: AP)

That trigger D. (Photo: AP)

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