Want an FAL in 5.56mm? FN thought of that in the 1960s (VIDEO)

Larry Vickers unearthed a rare FN CAL, the Belgian company’s evolutionary dead-end from the Disco era.

Officially known as the Carabine Automatique Légère, it was FN’s first 5.56 mm rifle and predated the much more popular FNC. Just 30,000 were produced and the line ended in 1975.

According to the Blue Book, just 20 of these bad boys were imported to the U.S. by Browning back in the day, giving it bigfoot-rare status here in the states.

Easily mistaken for a full-sized 7.62x51mm FAL from a distance, Vickers calls the nearly 8-pound rifle a “pussy cat” when it comes to recoil and describes it as “probably the softest-shooting .223-caliber weapon I’ve ever shot in my life.”

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