StealthGearUSA Brings the AIWB SG-Scorpion to Life

The SG-Scorpion

The SG-Scorpion+ offers improved AIWB concealment and a built-in mag carrier. (Photo: StealthGearUSA)

Holster maker StealthGearUSA dropped an all new appendix style inside the waistband holster, introducing consumers to the SG-Scorpion and the SG-Scorpion+.

The SG-Scorpion features an integral claw design aimed at improving concealment when carrying AIWB. Each shell is designed and custom-molded to minimize firearm printing while carrying. The claw placement has been specifically tuned for each model handgun in order to provide a precise and perfect combat grip with every draw. Mounted on the company’s patented Ventcore platform technology, the holster’s parts work together to offer concealers a comfortable, breathable holster.

A day after StealthGear’s Scorpion reveal, the company released another holster to the Scorpion series adding the SG-Scorpion+. The holster features the same integral claw but kicks the design up a notch with a built-in magazine carrier.

The new holster series will initially launch nine popular firearms to include Glock’s 19, 17, 26 and 43, Sig Sauer’s P938 and P320 Compact, Walther PPS M2, Springfield Armory XDS 3.3-inch 9mm and .40 and the Smith & Wesson Shield.

In the coming weeks, the holster company says it intends to expand the firearm models offered adding the HK P30SK and VP9SK, Glock 43 with TLR-6, Sig’s P238 and 229 (with rail) and the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact and Shield .45.

The SG-Scorpion is priced at $87.20 while the SG-Scorpion+ retails for $119.20.

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