Cobalt Kinetics launches Khaos Kinetics, new custom shop

A custom design by Colbat Kinetics new custom shop, apptly named Khaos Kinetics. (Photo: Cobalt Kinetics)

A custom design by Colbat Kinetics new custom shop, aptly named Khaos Kinetics. (Photo: Cobalt Kinetics)

Cobalt Kinetics officially opened the doors to its custom shop, Khaos Kinetics, promising uniquely crafted rifles for consumers looking to add a little imagination to their builds.

Cobalt has historically offered a standard line-up of various trims, kit and colors; but the addition of the custom shop will provide customers with more possibilities. Deriving its name from a lack of adherence to order or structure, Cobalt says the rifles are off limits to “market-research and accounting departments.”

While the company doesn’t limit its customers to a bevy of design rules, it does require that custom weapons be based on current Cobalt Kinetics’ receivers. Alternatively, the rifle may incorporate some of the company’s unique technology.

Khaos Kinetics intends to release several finished firearms of their own designs each month in addition to tackling projects and ideas put forth by dealers and consumers.

“We have been trying to get it off the ground for two years now, but we’ve just been too busy to divert the resources and man-power away from our normal production schedule. We saw this current market slow-down as an opportunity- so we capitalized on the reduced volume demand we’ve all been experiencing and just made it happen,” said Skylar Stewart, Vice President of Cobalt Kinetics. “It’s a great avenue for creating demand and interest. We have big plans and the talent to back them up. We’re going to set ourselves apart with this thing.”

Shooters interested in custom Cobalt guns can see the shop’s work on Cobalt’s website, while custom requests should be directed to either the company itself or authorized dealers.

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