Cimarron introduces 1873 Deluxe Short Rifle in .357 Magnum/.38 Special

The 1873 lever action rifle is one of the most iconic long gun in (Photo: Cimarron Firearms Co.)

The 1873 lever action rifle is one of the most iconic long guns of the Old West. (Photo: Cimarron Firearms Co.)

The Cimarron Firearms Co. debuted the 1873 Deluxe Short Rifle chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special for colelctors looking for that old school shooting feel.

Offering more variations on the model than its competitors, according to the company, Cimarron serves up plain and fully engraved models with hand-checkered pistol-gripped stocks and barrel lengths that run the gamut from 16-inches to a full 30-inches. The 20-inch ocatagon barreled .357 Magnum/.38 Special model is one of several chamberings offered on the lever action rifle series.

The .357 Magnum rifle features a standard blue finish paired with a walnut hand checkered pistol grip. In total, the long gun weighs just over 8-pounds and boasts a capacity of 10+1 rounds.

Arguably one of the most famous rifles of the Old West, Winchester’s first centerfire long gun was manufactured from 1873 to 191 with more than 541,000 introduced into the market before 1900. The lever action rifle was produced in variety of configurations from short Trapper models and carbines to short and extra-long barreled versions.

The rifle style was favored by well-known Westerners including Pat Garrett, William F. Cody and Montana rancher Granville Stuart as well as notorious outlaws Butch Cassidy, Belle Starr and Billy the Kid.

The 357 Magnum 1873 Rifle by Cimarron is currently available online with a retail price just south of $1,400.

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