Civil War era gun stolen during home invasion (VIDEO)

A break-in at a Murfreesboro, Tennessee, home last week resulted in the theft of several firearms, including a Civil War rifle that belonged to the homeowner’s great grandfather.

Michael Johnson, 61, said the cap and ball gun is worth more than $25,000, but it has far greater sentimental value to his family.

“It was a rifle that was used in the Civil War,” he said.

Johnson, who is a truck driver, returned home Wednesday after a long shift and noticed the back door was bent. He immediately called the police, who did a sweep of the home and determined several shotguns, rifles, handguns, and jewelry were missing. Johnson said he had expensive electronics and tools, but the intruders skipped right over those items and went straight for the guns.

Johnson said he no longer feels safe in his own home and wants to move. However, he hopes the family heirloom will be returned before he does.

[ News Channel 5 ]

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