Security guard rescues homeless man shot in random act of violence (VIDEO)


A security guard who heard gunshots fired in a random act of violence on Saturday night in the Music Row area of Nashville is being hailed as a hero for running to aid the injured victim.

Phillip Garton said he has worked a number of security jobs over the years, but Saturday night was his first night at this particular job, a night that he won’t soon forget. He said he heard at least two gunshots around 3 a.m. and a short time later saw the homeless man in his 50s hunched over and stumbling toward him. Garton called for help and rendered aid as best he could until paramedics arrived and rushed the man to the hospital.

Authorities say the victim — a homeless man sleeping next to a building — was attacked when a white Lexus SUV pulled up next to him, a woman jumped out and shot him before getting back into the truck and driving away.

Garton is a U.S. veteran who served in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and attributed his quick response, calm demeanor, and consideration to his military experience.

“I served 12 years with the National Guard as a refueler for ground troops. I got hurt over there and so you know, you have a lot more consideration and feelings for the people when you do something like that,” Garton said.

[ News Channel 5 ]

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