Suspect gets epic case of road rash during carjacking gone wrong (VIDEO)

An attempted carjacking in Kent, Washington, Friday did not at all end well for the suspect. In fact, the suspect was left with an epic case of road rash after being dragged down the road with his pants and underwear around his ankles, all of which was captured on cell phone video. He was also left with no car, but did receive a ride to jail.

It appears the suspect, whose name was not released, just simply would not let go of the door handle. And while he was initially dragged on his back side, the driver stopped a brief moment, which gave the suspect a chance to stand, although he still didn’t let go. When the driver went back to driving, the suspect flipped to his front side and continued to be dragged down the road, presumably suffering an even wickedly worse case of road rash.

Police say the suspect was wanted for a number of attempted carjackings, and was captured shortly after the rolling mishap. He was transported to the hospital before going to jail, but the extent of his injuries was not immediately known.

Numerous media outlets have shared the now-viral video, but most have blurred out the road rash since it was on his behind. The raw, unedited video, however, can be seen here.

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