Remington Arms diversification at the turn of the century (VIDEO)

When most people think of the Remington Arms they think of firearms and rightfully so. They’ve been making guns since 1816. But what many people people are unaware of, is that at the turn of the 20th century, Remington produced a variety of products.

According to Remington spokesman Mark Eddy, who recently gave me a tour of the company’s museum in Ilion, New York, the gun maker loved to invite inventors to present their ideas. After all, the Remingtons were inventors themselves, possessed the capital to invest and loved the creative spirit. Unfortunately, this eagerness contributed to the company going bankrupt in 1888. The Remingtons invested a great deal of money into products that were not always successful.

However, many products, some of which were on display at the museum, were very successful. These included typewriters, sewing machines, cash registers and bicycles. They generated income in between wars and kept the company afloat.

Production of these products continued after Remington was bought by Marcellus Hartley of Union Metallic Cartridge Company in 1888. However, all production of these products halted when DuPont took ownership in the mid 1930s.

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