Back to school sale leads to mom brawl with gun drawn (VIDEO)

Michigan authorities are investigating an incident at a Walmart in Novi Monday afternoon that led to a brawl and a gun drawn.

“It was in the back to school section over a notebook,” confirmed Novi Police Det. Scott Baetens.

Authorities say two women, ages 32 and 46, were shopping for school supplies at the same time as a 20-year-old woman and her mother, who is 51. Baetens said they were all apparently looking to buy notebooks, but there was only one left.

“Some pushing resulted,” Baetens said, appearing rather irritated. “They began to argue who was the rightful purchaser of that notebook.”

The arguing escalated to a physical altercation, which included some shoving and hair pulling, then resulted in one of the women pulling out a gun.

“She’s a valid CPL holder,” said Baetens. “She pulled out her firearm and tells them to stop attacking her daughter while pointing the gun at them.”

The back to school section quickly emptied and police were called. Baetens called it “a senseless act of violence all the way around,” but confirmed that no one was injured.

No charges have been filed at this point, but that could change, depending on the results of the investigation, which will include determining whether the woman acted in self-defense when she pulled her gun.

It’s unclear who – if anyone – ended up with the last notebook.

[ Fox 2 ]

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