Marine Gunner holds pistol class in response to trash talk (VIDEO)

School Circle—————-Gunner has something to tell us about pistols

Posted by 2nd Marine Division on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner continues his informative video series by running both a standard M9 Beretta and a Glock 19.

In another installment of “Ask the Gunner,” CW5 Christian P. Wade tackles the “trash talking” about sidearms in the Marines by ripping through three mags on a Beretta 9mm in about 17 seconds, crappy issue holster and lanyard included in the mix.

“I just want to show you your pistol can fight,” says Wade before switching to a Glock 19 for another 46 rounds of stitching — commenting that Marines headed to Afghanistan may be taking them along.

“If you are going to Afghanistan, you can fight with this gun, too,” he concludes.

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