Convenience store clerk fires warning shot at shoplifter (VIDEO)

Authorities in Indiana are investigating after a clerk at a convenience store in Indianapolis chased a shoplifter out of the store Monday night and fired a single warning shot into the ground as he fled.

No one was injured and no charges have been filed at this time. The suspect, who stole a package of Planters peanuts and Hostess Zingers, remains at large.

Other employees and customers alike say shoplifting at Sam’s Food Mart & Tobacco Store is a regular, everyday occurrence, despite efforts taken by management to reduce such crimes. The clerks tend the till from behind a security cage, and thieves often just simply take the merchandise and run off before the clerks can even attempt to stop them.

However, neighborhood resident Erica Leatherbury said she thinks the gunfire was about more than just stolen merchandise. “He is probably tired of this neighborhood, really,” Leatherbury said while talking with reporters. “Look what you have all around you, you get thieves all the time.”

The clerk starting carrying the weapon, which was confiscated by authorities, after the store was targeted for a break-in earlier this year.

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