Russia’s Schit vehicle deals with unruly rioters (VIDEO)

Russia just upped the ante on crowd control.

Although exact specs of the Schit vehicle have not yet been released, it will likely be similar in design and size to the 18-ton Bozena Riot, which has a 24-foot main shield and can protect up to 38 officers at a time. It’s also equipped with a water cannon and gas canisters.

The beasts are the work of Kalashnikov, Russia’s largest arms manufacturer.

“The search for relevant solutions and work in new segments allowed us to create this platform,” said Kalashnikov Concern CEO lexey Krivoruchko. “In addition to the Shield complex, we are also working to introduce new design solutions for wheeled armored vehicles on the market both for the domestic market and for export supplies.”

All proof that Russia doesn’t deal with rioters. Or perhaps they do…

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