Fleeing suspect fails to see shark as he jumps into ocean to elude authorities (VIDEO)

A 20-year-old man is facing numerous drug-related charges after a rather unusual police chase in Surf City, North Carolina, on Wednesday afternoon.

The commotion started around 4:45 p.m. when police pulled over Zachary Kingsbury and noticed illegal contraband inside his car, prompting officers to ask him to step out of the vehicle. Kingsbury stepped out, but then he ran, jumped into the ocean, and started swimming away. Kingsbury’s destination was unclear, but after about an hour of swimming, he was approximately 4,000 feet from the shore.

A drone helped keep visual contact with the suspect, but it also picked up images of a shark swimming not far from Kingsbury. Fortunately for Kingsbury, the shark apparently wasn’t searching for a meal at the time.

About four hours after the initial encounter, authorities located Kingsbury at a beach several miles away, where he was arrested and taken to the Pender County Jail.

[ WGN-TV ]

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