Houston homeowners won’t entertain looters (VIDEO)

As Houston homeowners pick up the pieces left behind by Hurricane Harvey, some are worried they now have to deal with looters. Nonetheless, some homeowners are putting out a clear message: You loot, we shoot.

“The reality is, everything we own is out on the street,” said Lois Woolley, who noted that she and other residents have noticed cars driving through the neighborhood, looking as if they are scoping out what they want to take.

Signs around the Atascocita neighborhood would-be looters know they’d be better off if they just kept on driving.

“Warning!! Looters will be shot dead,” said one such sign.

“U Loot we will shoot,” said another.

“Nothing inside is worth dying for,” said one sign, complete with a human silhouette and bullet holes, placed in front of Chel Bailey’s home.

Bailey said she fears some people think everything sitting outside is up for grabs, but that’s not the case.

“This is everything we have and if you steal it, you’re stealing right out of my house,” Woolley agreed.

[ KHOU ]

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