Taran Butler gives his thoughts on the new Glock Gen 5 models (VIDEO)

Taran Tactical makes some of the coolest high-speed tactical/practical mods for Glocks and he weighs in on what he likes about the latest generation of Austrian polymer pistols.

Ups include a flatter rear grip — which is one of the things Butler does to stock Glocks passing through the shop — the absence of finger grooves, an ambi slide release, and a flared mag well.

As far as Taran Tactical custom parts, Butler advises they dropped in sights and a trigger pack on the G17 and ran it with no problem. Gen 4 grip plugs and magazine base pads work as well

“I like the Gen 5 Glock,” says Butler, noting good groups in offhand shooting.

Downs are some noted Glock slop in the slide/barrel, but hey…

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