ARMTAC is making an integrally suppressed 7.62x39mm deer and hog rifle (VIDEO)

Roland, Arkansas-based ARMTAC is now offering their Reaver integrally suppressed bolt-action rifle in 7.62x39mm.

The company has long made the Reaver-ISR in .300 Blackout but is now moving forward with the SKS/AK caliber to give shooters more options using inexpensive ammo. In the above video, Jeb Burnett with ARMTAC fires one with Wolf FMJ and it sounds pretty quiet even with the supersonic bulk ammo. He says with subsonic loads, like those from Detroit Ammo Company and EBR, the Reaver sounds more like a pellet gun.

(Photo: ARMTAC)

(Photo: ARMTAC)

The guns are built on a CZ 527 platform featuring a micro-Mauser action complete with controlled round feed, detachable box magazine, and single set trigger. The stainless steel suppressed barrel is 20-inches overall and is supported with a lifetime warranty.

MSRP for the 7.62x39mm version is $1895 with the .300 Blackout model available for $2295.

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