Artist creates one-of-a-kind works with gunpowder, fire (VIDEO)


A Norwegian tattoo artist works with rather unusual mediums – gunpowder and fire – to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

According to his Instagram page, Dino Tomic is all booked up – or rather overbooked – with custom orders through the rest of the year, but ready-made prints can be purchased from his Etsy shop. Prices vary from around $10 to more than $600.

Despite his busy schedule, Dino Tomic is still working on what he refers to as a “large project.” And by large, he literally means the world’s largest mandala art made from gunpowder, which he plans to set afire in front of the entire city of Notodden, Norway, the artist’s home town.


Moon Glowing sand + Gun Powder art ( special ending watch with sound ) My first attempt on combining Glowing sand + Gun Powder + markers into one image .=) By this point what im doing is very much performance art – the finished image is just a product of the video process witch really is the main art part =) It feels good to not be locked into repetitive art where i over and over again do the same things and it feels refreshing expanding into new fields . The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This particular video/ image is made to celebrate the achievement of the human race . People take the moon landing like its a normal thing now – but honestly its just mind blowing to think about it! =D Hoping to be around when even greater things happen that will redefined who we are as a race. =)

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Batman made with black powder Back to experimentation – i tried a new type of gun powder for this one. It burned super slow ( thats why i had to speed up the video ) and it also left some black residue that got uplifted in the air while it was burning. It gave nice effect to this image / the dark effect for the batman – but it was all over the room ( the room was completely empty and the only thing in it was this canvas – so a quick round of vacuum cleaning did the job ) . The one good thing about it is that this one is super black after the burning compared to the other type of gun powder =) The powder was a lot rounder so it was way harder to hold it in one place – so i think this piece took me the longest time to make of them all =) I have just added this one to my etsy shop if someone want so buy it, the link is on top of my instagram page :)

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