RHF launches Director Series muzzle brakes for tactical shooters, hunters

The muzzle brakes comes in a variety of finishes and colors. (Photo: RHF)

The muzzle brakes comes in a variety of finishes and colors. (Photo: RHF)

RHF Muzzle Brakes announced its latest series of muzzle brakes, officially launching the new Director Series designed for tactical shooters and hunters.

Made in the U.S., the series features two models, the RHF Tactical Director and Hunter Director. The Hunter Director boasts a stainless steel finish while the Tactical Director is available in stainless, natural and black oxide finishes as well as a variety of colors to include black, burnt bronze and coyote tan.

The series’ sleek parts are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing firearms to offer gun owners  an “aesthetically sharp” package while enhancing the overall shooting experience. RHF says the new muzzle brakes tackle shooting by reducing recoil and barrel rise when firing, improving accuracy. In addition, the Director series is engineered to reduce muzzle flash, directing muzzle blast away from the shooter, and improving night vision.

“These are our best muzzle brakes to date, and we consider it a point of pride that all our materials are U.S.A.-sourced, and all our manufacturing happens right here in the United States,” said co-owner John Frizzell in a press release.

Both the Tactical and Hunter models come with a lifetime warranty. Prices start at $139 for the Hunter Director, climbing to $169 for the colored Tactical Director models.

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