Guns, grenade in car lead to evacuation of New Jersey theater (VIDEO)

Around 500 moviegoers were evacuated from a theater in Howell, New Jersey, Friday night when police found two guns and an inert grenade in a theater employee’s car.

Jacob Cavanaugh, 24, was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a handgun and possession of hollow point ammunition, although authorities do not believe he intended to harm anyone. Cavanaugh also had two unrelated outstanding warrants at the time of his arrest.

Officers searched Cavanaugh’s car after they were contacted by the theater manager who said another employee informed him that Cavanaugh showed him the guns in his car earlier in the week. Cavanugh, who has been cooperative throughout the investigation, gave authorities permission to search his vehicle.

Along with the guns and grenade, police also found a bulletproof vest, which was clearly visible in Cavanaugh’s car.

[ News 12 ]

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