The best known pocket pistol of WWI: The Belgian FN 1910 (VIDEO)

John Moses Browning was well-known for his Colt 1911, but before then, he coughed up a series of compact semi-autos and his FN M1910 proved to be more powerful than he could imagine.

The end of a line that included the vaunted .32ACP Model 1900 along with the M1903, 1906, and 1908 vest/pocket pistols in .25ACP, Browning’s M1910 was offered in either .32 and .380 ACP with an updated recoil system that is still used by the Walther PP/Makarov PM.

This produced a pistol that was just over 6-inches long and provided 6+1 shots of .380– which still compares nicely to the LCP and other compacts of today.

They proved popular with both military and civilian customers, with the latter involving a user by the name of Gavrilo Princip, who helped light the powder keg of Europe that produced the explosion of the Great War.

And Othais covers it in extreme detail in the above installment in C&Rsenal’s Small Arms of WWI Primer Series.

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