Battenfeld Technologies recalls M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parts Kit

The M&P AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Complete may contain the wrong hammer, raising potential for an unintended discharge. (Photo: Battenfeld Technologies)

The M&P AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Complete may contain the wrong hammer. (Photo: Battenfeld Technologies)

Battenfeld Technologies issued a recall on an aftermarket lower parts kit for the Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 which the company says may include an incorrect part.

The accessory maker says the M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parks Kit Complete distributed prior to September 12, 2017, could include the incorrect hammer, which poses a risk of unintended discharge in certain rifles. The kits were available for purchase online and through select retailers and distributors, to include Turner’s Outdoorsman and Cabela’s, among others.

Though BTI falls under the American Outdoor Brand umbrella which also houses Smith & Wesson, the recall does not impact Smith & Wesson’s factory-produced M&P rifles.

BTI suggests that consumers who purchased the kit, item 110114, prior to Sept.12 contact the company directly by phone at 877-416-5167 or via email at to coordinate the return of the lower parts kit and issuance of a new, replacement hammer.

BTI says consumers awaiting a new hammer should not use any rifles equipped with the M&P AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Complete.

“Remember, while you are awaiting the replacement hammer, any rifle assembled with an M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parts Kit Complete should NOT be used. The lower receiver should be disassembled and the rifle should be stored unloaded and with the safety in the SAFE LOAD/UNLOAD position,” the company stated on its website.


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