Purse stolen from mom’s car as she rushed to check on child during school shooting

school shooting purse theft

The suspects during one of several shopping sprees. (Photo: Spokane County Sheriff’s Office)

A 33-year-old woman is facing numerous felony charges after she stole a purse from the mother of a Freeman High School student as the mother rushed to check on her child during a shooting at the school near Spokane last week.

Authorities say Nicole D. Jensen racked up some $36,000 in fraudulent charges, but thanks to what the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office described as “an overwhelming amount of tips pouring in,” Jensen was arrested Monday.

Jensen is accused of taking the purse from the mother’s vehicle, which was parked along Highway 27 in Rockford Wednesday morning. The frantic mother was only concerned with finding her child safe, alive, and unharmed at the time, and likely didn’t even think about the possibility of someone stealing her property at such a time.

“Property crimes themselves are typically hard for victims to deal with, especially when identity theft and fraud are involved, but the fact these criminals took advantage of such a tragic situation is particularly heinous,” noted Spokane County Deputy Mark Gregory.

A second suspect has been identified, but not yet located.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the crimes is asked to contact Detective Dean Meyer at (509) 477-3159.

[ Spokane County Sheriff’s Office ]

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