More info on the Maxim 50 suppressed muzzleloader (VIDEO)

Immediately after the release of their .50-caliber primitive weapon complete with a sound moderator, SilencerCo blitzed social media with information on the quiet smoke pole.

Using a Traditions Vortek StrikerFire muzzleloader, the Maxim 50 has a 9-inch long fully welded suppressor fixed to gun’s barrel, thus escaping federal NFA regulations. The above video shows a StrikerFire both suppressed and unsuppressed, touting a significant reduction in recoil and smoke as well as 139dB sound performance.

Using a 209 shotgun primer ignition, the overall length of the system is 45-inches while weight is 7.4-pounds.

They recommend 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder and projectiles that do not have wadding or plastic that separate upon firing, for example, Federal B.O.R. Lock Z or Hornady FPB rounds.

SilencerCo also released detailed How-To videos covering loading and unloading, breech plug cleaning, field stripping, and detailed disassembly, for those that may have one on the way already.

As a caveat, they warn those living in Illinois, New Jersey, New York City and Washington D.C., that the Maxim 50 has to be shipped to an FFL while advising sportsmen in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho that hunting with a muzzleloader using 209 primers is not permitted. They also caution that, while the feds are good with the concept and the Maxim 50 ships with a copy of the ATF determination letter, prospective buyers should check their local and state laws before ordering.

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