Reaching out to touch steel at distance with a Model 29 .44 Magnum (VIDEO)

Hickok45 moves to his “long” range to put the Dirty Harry classic wheel gun to the test, zapping tiny plates at distance with the big .44 hand cannon.

The S&W Model 29, a hefty N-frame revolver, hit the market in 1955 and at the time was the most powerful production handgun available due to its .44 Remington Magnum chambering. A favorite of handgun hunters, Clint Eastwood, clocking in as San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan, made the series famous in 1971’s Dirty Harry, using a Model 29 that he toted in an outsized Bucheimer-Clark shoulder rig while quizzing punks on luck.

For reference, Hickok’s .44 is a personal gun, picked up in 1974. Topping it off with handloads from his pocket, he proves that it can still deliver.

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