Dispatches from gun country: 'The gun; no other object has caused such pointless argument'

Glenn Fleming

Glenn Fleming, vice-president of Acadiana Gun Works, photographed in Scott, Louisiana sporting his FNH SCAR 16S duracoated in green camo with a barrel chopped to 10.5”, an Aimpoint T1, and the ability to fire in full auto.

Glenn Fleming is a former reality TV personality and a well respected gunsmith. He helped build the suitcase-sized minigun called the XM556. It was a huge crowd pleaser when it was launched at Shot Shot in January 2017. He currently drives tanks.

The gun; no other object has caused such pointless argument. It is merely a tool to be used, for good or bad, by the person holding it.

I remember growing up having guns from the time I was four years old. These days, giving a child their first pellet rifle at a young age would be looked at as akin to child abuse. I look at this as a prime reason the era of ‘personal responsibility’ is ending.

The first gun for the ‘young uns’ is a rite of passage, something that means you are becoming an adult, and we can trust you with this. This is sadly becoming a lost tradition and one that, I feel, needs to be rekindled if we are to become strong as a people and a nation.

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