Ex-model accused of murder-for-hire claims jury was swayed by her sexy clothing (VIDEO)

A 34-year-old former model from Ohio who was accused of a murder-for-hire plot to kill her husband’s ex-wife told Inside Edition in a recent interview that she believes the jury was negatively swayed by her sexy outfits.

“They were worried about my wardrobe rather than what was really going on,” Tara Lambert, who donned tight dresses and 5-inch stilettos during her trial, said of the jurors, who took all of 42 minutes to convict her.

Lambert was charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, but her conviction was overturned last year due to a language error in the indictment. Nonetheless, Lambert says she was wrongfully convicted to begin with, and made out to be “a brainless, heartless, ex-model,” with jurors turning against her because of her attractive attire.

The charges came after Lambert met with who she believed was a hitman and ordered the murder of Kellie Cooke, her husband’s ex-wife. Unbeknown to Lambert, the “hitman” was actually an undercover detective, and she was arrested 20 minutes after their meeting.

[ Inside Edition ]

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