Man promptly arrested after trying to reclaim bag of cocaine from police station (VIDEO)

A 23-year-old man was attempting to reclaim his property from a police station in Shelton, Connecticut, Monday, but he was arrested because police discovered the bag he was after contained a moderate amount of crack cocaine.

Shortly before his trip to the police station, Davie McMillian was involved in an accident and left behind a bag at the scene. The bag was later found by someone who called the police when they saw what they believed to be drugs inside.

Authorities held onto the bag and when McMillian came to claim it, they had him identify all of the items it contained to ensure it belonged to him, then promptly placed him under arrest.

McMillian was charged with illegal possession of narcotics and violation of a protective order, because, police say, he showed up at the police station with a woman who had a no contact order against him.

[ WTNH ]

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