Is the new barrel on the Glock 19 Gen 5 more accurate? Signs point to yes (VIDEO)

Andrew with Omaha Outdoors ran the new Gen 5 variant of the Glock 19, with its factory Marksman Barrel, in a Ransom Rest to see how it stacks up on the X.

In addition to a flared magwell, nDLC finish, straight (as in no finger groove) grip, ambi slide stop and other improvements, the new barrel is touted as being more accurate, which Andrew tested against aftermarket and legacy barrels to see if the hype held water.

Besides the GMB paperwork, they also ran a series of other tests to see how the newest Glock update held up under torture.

“The changes that they did make really did have an impact on the performance of the pistol,” he says.

[ Omaha Outdoors ]

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