Apex announces upcoming release of Gen 5 Glock trigger

(Photo: Apex Tactical Specialties)

Apex drops the new Gen 5 trigger just over a month after Glock announced the new generation of pistols. (Photo: Apex Tactical Specialties)

Apex Tactical Specialties will drop an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger and Enhancement Kit for Gen 5 Glock’s come October, the company said in a press release Thursday.

The Action Enhancement Trigger is available pre-installed on an Apex Gen 5 Trigger Bar, permitting Glock users to swap out the trigger and trigger bar. The new trigger enhances performance by reducing overall trigger travel and offering a shorter reset.

In addition to the Action Enhancement Trigger, Apex is also dropping the Action Enhancement Kit which pairs the Action Enhancement Trigger with an Apex Performance Connector. The combo reduces trigger pull weight by one pound.

The aftermarket accessory maker said its team worked diligently since Glock released the Gen 5 series to craft a trigger and kit that would accommodate the ambidextrous slide lock lever.

“On August 26, Glock, Inc. released the new Gen 5 G17 and G19 to the world. That same day we purchased a Glock 19 off the shelf here in the Phoenix area and set to work doing what Apex does best,” the company said in a statement.

The trigger and kit will be available from Apex Oct. 16 with the Enhancement Trigger priced at $109.95 and the kti coming in hot at $124.95.

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