Man accidentally shoots neighbor trying to save her from dog mauling (VIDEO)

A dog attack in Detroit on Monday left a woman dead after her neighbor tried to help her by shooting the animals, but inadvertently shot her as well.

Michael Williams, 53, said his long-time neighbor, who he also referred to as a friend, was suffering a vicious attack by what appeared to be two pit bulls or pit bull mixes. The woman yelled at Williams, a CPL holder, for help.

Williams fired his gun, striking at least one of the dogs, but he also hit the woman in the back. The dogs ran off and haven’t been seen since. The woman was transported to the hospital, where she later died.

Capt. Darin Szilagy with the Detroit Police Department called it “a very tragic story” for everyone involved, while noting, “Unfortunately, we’re responsible for every round we fire.”

Authorities said Williams is cooperating with the police, but it’s unclear what – if any – charges he will face at this time.

Williams, who was obviously in emotional turmoil as he talked with reporters, said he only wanted to help the woman, but now he wishes he wasn’t even there.

[ Fox 2 Detroit ]

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