Bear shot after entering post office in Alaska (VIDEO)

A 300-pound black bear was shot and killed after it wandered into a post office in Anchorage on Sunday night.

Authorities say the bear entered the facility through an open door around 11:30 p.m. The post office was closed to the public at the time, although about 75 employees were inside the facility.

At the sight of the animal, the employees made their way to safety as the bear climbed on a conveyer belt and eventually made its way to the building’s garbage room. Meanwhile, Airport Police and Fire were called, and numerous officers promptly responded to the call.

Responding officers tried to corral the animal out of the building, but were unsuccessful. Once the bear became a safety concern, officers shot and killed it.

The facility was briefly shut down during the incident, but the bear caused no damage and no one was injured.

[ KTVA ]

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