Hudson H9 striker-fired 1911-ish 9mm now shipping (VIDEO)

Hudson Manufacturing announced last week its flagship pistol, a full-sized 9mm semi-auto that blends striker-fired reliability with a crisp 1911 trigger, is now shipping.

The Texas-based company, which has been working on the design for years, said it didn’t want to make any announcement until after the first guns had left the factory headed to distributors.

“It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a year. Thank you for sticking it out as we pushed through everything thrown at us. These past few months have been full of uncertainty and we didn’t want to share any news that wouldn’t be good news,” said the company on social media.

Debuted with a splash at SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January, the hybrid design promises an unloaded weight of some 34-ounces, a barrel length of 4.28-inches and a short-take up trigger with a 4.5-5 lbs. break.

While the H9 is pushing deep into the envelope of John Browning’s famous GI longslide, the unconventional nose profile, low bore axis, accessory rail, 15-shot double stack mag and striker-fired design brings something new to the standard 1911 table.

Hudson also promises their H9 to be readily convertible, offering a reversible magazine release to complement the ambi slide releases, configurable thumb safeties and interchangeable grips to swap out their standard G10 panels.

The H9’s MSRP is $1,147

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