Elderly patient fires gun inside Michigan hospital (VIDEO)


An elderly patient at a Saginaw, Michigan, hospital pulled a gun on hospital staff Saturday night, before firing a single round.

No one was injured, but the incident has left Covenant Healthcare rethinking hospital security.

The incident unfolded just before midnight when the patient became irritated because he wanted to sit up in bed and was not getting assistance to do so. The frustrated patient then pulled a gun on medical staff, prompting staff to evacuate the room, along with a second patient who was sharing the room. After exiting the room, medical staff heard a single gunshot from inside the room.

Police were called and after the elderly patient refused to drop the gun, he was tased, eventually subdued, and the weapon secured. The patient remains hospitalized, but a security guard now sits outside of his room.

Authorities say the man carried the gun into the hospital in his overnight bag, which was not searched, as it’s not standard protocol.

[ WNEM ]

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