IHOP waiter takes down robber with marital arts move (VIDEO)

An attempted robbery at a San Antonio IHOP early Thursday morning was thwarted by a server’s quick instincts and mixed marital arts skills.

“I stepped out and looked and there he was pulling the register out and everything so I just took off – my instinct kicked in – and I took off full speed at him,” 22-year-old waiter Elijah Arnold recalled his reaction to the robbery.

When Arnold intervened, the suspect hit him in the face with a crowbar, leaving him bloody, but still fighting.

“He tries to start apologizing and, ‘Man I’m so sorry. I know I hit you. I know I’m trying to steal your money, but just give it to me. I need it really bad,’ and everything like that,” Arnold said.

Nonetheless, Arnold, who has a third-degree black belt in mixed martial arts, used a submission hold to subdue the suspect as they waited for police to arrive on the scene. The suspect was arrested, but a second suspect remains at large.

[ WFAA ]

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