'My Glock 43 is my equalizer' says female commentator (VIDEO)

Katie Pavlich makes the case that gun rights are women’s rights in a piece for Prager University, arguing that a firearm is more effective in balancing the odds in a male v. female encounter than other methods.

Pavlich, 29, who catapulted into the national spotlight following a book she penned on the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, cites research from Second Amendment luminary David Kopel in making her case as well as anecdotes from defensive gun uses involving women.

In the end, Pavlich says good women need to equal the odds in a dangerous confrontation.

“Women owning guns shouldn’t be a partisan issue. In fact, it’s a women’s rights issue,” she says. “I’m all for equality between the sexes. And I practice what I preach. That’s why I own a gun.”

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