Everytown taps Hollywood to campaign against SHARE Act, national reciprocity (VIDEO)

A video released Wednesday by gun control organization Everytown for Gun Safety showing numerous film and TV stars urging people to contact their lawmakers in opposition to pro-gun bills.

Entitled “How to Call Congress” the video, directed by Bart Freundlich, begins with Emma Stone and includes a range of entertainers from Tunde Adebimpe and Elizabeth Banks to Sheryl Crow and Bill Hader, all stumping against the SHARE Act and national concealed carry reciprocity legislation in response to the Las Vegas shooting earlier this month that left 59 dead.

Using a shared dialog, the clip follows each entertainer as they text a shortcode that connects the user to their lawmaker via the Congressional switchboard while providing a suggested message to read in opposition to the targeted proposals and “to reject the NRA’s radical agenda.”

The SHARE Act, an omnibus sportsmen’s package that includes the Hearing Protection Act, a measure to remove suppressors from National Firearms Act regulation and allow their transfer after a simple background check, is blasted as a bill that “would make mass shootings even more deadly than they are already.”

National reciprocity, which would expand recognition of concealed carry permits across the country, is characterized as gutting state gun laws which would in turn “make communities less safe.”

The group’s organizers feel the video and push by the high-profile cultural influencers turned advocates in conjunction with a series of planned events at the local level is key to scuttling the legislation making its way through a Republican-controlled Congress.

“We are honored to have so many cultural influencers join us in this pivotal moment in the gun violence prevention movement,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action. “Americans know ‘thoughts and prayers’ are not enough, and are ready to channel their anger into action. In the wake of Las Vegas, volunteers and survivors across the country are holding more than 700 events to demand legislators reject the NRA’s deadly agenda.”

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