Police arrest gunman who shot 6, killed 3

After a multi-state manhunt, police arrested a man late Wednesday suspected of killing three people and injuring two others in a workplace shooting in Maryland before shooting another man in Delaware.

State and federal authorities located 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince near a high school in Newark, Delaware around 5:35 p.m local time, according to the Baltimore Sun. Police surrounded the area and three ATF agents apprehended Prince without incident after a brief foot chase.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office said Prince shot five of his co-workers at Advanced Granite Solutions in Edgewood, Maryland just before 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Three of them were killed, and the other two were critically injured.

Kevin Doyle was working nearby when he saw people running from the scene. “Three guys came running. They were terrified,” he said. “You could tell this was something big. They were in shock. One of them was crying, ‘They’re shot in the head, they’re shot in the head.’

“I started to go down there to see if I could help, and one of them said, ‘Don’t go down there, there’s shooting.’”

“There’s an individual out there on the loose who’s committed one of the most heinous acts in our county; we certainly consider him armed and dangerous,” said Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler before authorities tracked him down.

Less than two hours later, and about 53 miles northwest in Wilmington, Delaware, Prince is suspected of shooting a man at the 28th Street Auto Sales and Service shop. The man had been shot twice, but was conscious and alert when police found him. He told authorities Prince was the shooter and that they knew each other.

Officials say Prince had been working at Advanced Granite Solutions for the last four months. He was fired from another granite company in February after he attacked a co-worker there, according to WTTG.

“I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me,” said Prince’s former boss, Philip Saison, in a restraining order against Prince. He applied for the restraining order after Prince returned to the business to yell at Saison after being fired. Saison said Prince didn’t get physical, but he wrote, “I don’t not want to wait until he will.”

A judge denied Saison’s order. Police in Delaware say Prince has been arrested at least 42 times, and 15 of them were felony arrests.

“Every one of the victims that this individual shot, the victim and the attacker knew each other,” said Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy at a news conference. “This is targeted. This individual knew the people he wanted to go shoot. This was not a random act of violence.”

The ATF recovered a handgun and is running a trace to determine where it came from and whether it was the weapon used in both shootings.

“The First Lady and I ask that all Marylanders join with us in praying for the victims, their loved ones, and those still fighting to live,” said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan in a statement on his Facebook page.

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