Sentry Products Group acquires Hexmag

Hexmag is best known for its unique honeycomb mag design. (Photo: Soldier Systems)

Hexmag is best known for its unique honeycomb mag design. (Photo: Soldier Systems)

Sentry Products Group announced Wednesday its latest acquisition Hexmag, makers of AR-15 and AR-10 magazines and accessories.

Hexmag is best known for its innovative, lightweight AR mags decked out with a honeycomb pattern.

“We set out to make the most durable, versatile and aesthetic magazine on the market,” Aaron Schefter, founder of Hexmag, said in a press release. “With great acceptance and a strong end user following, the company rapidly expanded and Sentry was the logical partner to continue the product development. When the Sentry crew were executives at Blackhawk, they really loved and understood product development and manufacturing and that is what I want for the future of Hexmag’s products.”

Built in the US, Hexmag’s products are manufactured using a proprietary fiber-reinfored polymer, PolyHex2. The result  of which is a lighter yet durable magazine. The hexagonal surface offers superior grip and easier handling while the HexID Color Identification System permits users to quickly personalize mags for ammo caliber identification. Recently, Hexmag extended its product offerings to include grips, rail covers and grip tape giving even more customization options to gun owners.

Sentry Products Group President Terry Naughton said the addition of Hexmag to Sentry will have the added benefit of creating more US based jobs.

“We are proud to add Hexmag products to our company offerings; their innovative approach to product design and marketing fits well and extends our presence in the Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical and OEM markets,” Naughton said. “This addition creates new US based jobs as manufacturing and distribution moves to Sentry’s Boise, Idaho facility and core business functions move to the Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S.A. headquarters.”

CEO Mike Noell commented that the Hexmag acquisition is in line with the company’s goals and Sentry is pleased to have the mag maker on board.

“The acquisition of Hexmag fits perfectly with Sentry’s short, medium and long-term vision of both organic growth, as well as growth through acquisition,” said Noell. “Hexmag was an easy plugin to our accessories business and gives Sentry additional product categories, sales channels, new distribution partners and an entrance into the high-tech injection molded product arena.”

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