Argument over intercourse ends in shootout at Detroit motorcycle club (VIDEO)

A domestic dispute early Tuesday morning ended with a man and a woman shooting each other and a subsequent standoff at a motorcycle club in Detroit. But police later discovered that the subject believed to be barricaded inside the club wasn’t there at all.

Police say the dispute started as an argument about sex between a couple at the Soul Devils Motorcycle Club. During the altercation, the 35-year-old man shot his 28-year-old girlfriend in the face. The bullet grazed the woman, but she returned fire, striking the man in the arm.

Police were called and the woman was transported to the hospital. While she was being placed in the ambulance, the woman told officers the man who shot her was still inside the club – and still armed. Backup, which included SWAT, was called in and what police believed to be a standoff situation ensued.

It wasn’t until some time later that authorities learned the man wasn’t in the club. In fact, as his girlfriend was being loaded into the ambulance, he drove himself to another hospital, seeking treatment for his own wounds. However, when authorities entered the club, they did find a drunken man passed out on a pool table.

The woman is expected to be okay, while the man’s condition is not currently known. Police say both were drunk at the time of the altercation and subsequent shootout.

[ Fox 2 Detroit ]

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