Bullied 9-year-old facing felony charges for bringing loaded gun to school (VIDEO)

An Ohio child arrested Monday faces numerous charges after he brought a loaded 9mm to his elementary school in Middletown.

Authorities say the 9-year-old boy got the gun from his house and brought it to Rosa Parks Elementary School because he had been bullied.

The third-grader is charged with felonious assault, illegal conveyance of a deadly weapons and carrying a concealed weapon. Additionally, the boyfriend of the child’s mother also faces child endangerment because, police say, he left the weapon where the child could get it.

Authorities learned the child had pulled out the gun and showed it to fellow students. He also had a pocketful of ammunition. But a teacher apparently learned about the weapon and confronted the child when she saw the print of what she believed to be the gun in his pocket. The police were promptly contacted, responded to the call, and confiscated the weapon.

School officials credit the teacher for preventing what could have easily turned to tragedy.

The child remains in a juvenile detention facility, where he will undergo a competency and psychological evaluation and risk assessment. He is due to appear in court next week.

[ WLWT ]

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