If you are missing a 10/22 with a mousetrap stock, Sonoma County has it

(Photo: Sonoma County)

(Photo: Sonoma County)

The Sonoma County Sheriff found a better mousetrap in the aftermath of wildfires in California and they want the owner to know it’s available for pick up.

Turned in by firefighters working in the Knight’s Valley area who found the plinker in the woods and handed it over to the Sheriff’s Office for safekeeping, Sonoma County poked a little fun at the unusual customized stock, which is made from an old-school Victor M236 pedal-style rat trap.

“Once our Deputies observed the custom stock on the Rifle, we knew we had to share it,” said the office in a post on social media complete with a deputy posing with the rimfire carbine. “Deputy Cameron was tasked with displaying the rifle for our photo but had no formal modeling training. We secured some training material (Zoolander) and Deputy Cameron nailed it.”

As for the gun, they advise “If you are willing to admit the rifle is yours, you are welcome to place a claim for it. Yes, we want to know where that sweet stock came from.”

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