Urban Carry launches all new Revo modular holster setup

(Photo: Jacki Billings)

The Revo system boasts multiple rigs that pair with gun shells to offer a modular holster system. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Urban Carry, best known for its deep concealment style holster, launched an all new modular holster system Thursday called the Revo.

The Revo is designed to offer concealed carry consumers more options when it comes to holster selection. Constructed from high quality leather, the system features a base, known as a “rig” on which various holsters can mount. Utilizing hook-and-loop with flaps to secure holsters to the rig, users are able to swap between multiple holster shells to customize the carrying experience. Additionally, the design permits users to customize cant, rotating the shell a full 360-degrees.

The Revo launches with outside-the-waistband, inside-the-waistband, inside-the-waistband plus, appendix, ankle, drop leg and shoulder rigs along with a bevy of gun model fits as well as mag carriers.

“Urban Carry brings you the Revo, a true revolution in the way that you think about your weapon’s holster,” the company explains on their site. “The eye-catching style of our pieces reflect a higher level of functionality.”

The gun shell retails for $35 while the rigs start at $35 with prices varying based on rig. Stay tuned to Guns.com for a full review of the Revo system.

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