Popping pop cans on the fly with a twist (VIDEO)

Top Shot Dustin Ellermann tries out Daisy’s Rocket Shot, which gives soda can plinkers an option to work on their snap shooting.

Released by Daisy earlier this year, the Rocket Shot is pitched to those eager to improve their instinctive and wingshooting skills. The $20 target system is simple enough in concept — you just insert an empty can then shoot the bottom target to release the spring and attempt to shoot the can out of the air.

On the downside, this bouncing Betty-style target is meant for airguns (Daisy recommends less than 350fps at that) but as Ellerman points out, you can also tap in airsoft and even slingshots. Looks like it would be fun with multiple shooters as well, which sets it up for a good stocking stuffer for the kids (or those with a kid inside) this season.

More in Daisy’s propaganda roll below:

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