Teen robbers ask store owner for $1

A convenience store owner said two teens tried to rob him at knifepoint in his Brockton, Massachusetts, business last week, but they apparently only asked him for a dollar.

“I see the two kids coming in behind me, and asked me like, ‘Hey man, give me a dollar,’” said Krish Patel, owner of the Red Apple Food Shop, which was closed for renovations at the time of the attempted robbery.

Patel said the teens, who he described as being between 15 and 18 years old, threatened him with a knife.

“I said, ‘You have a knife, I have a gun,’” Patel said in an attempt to scare them away.

The store owner then grabbed a metal cart and chased the teens away. Patel followed, but lost track of them after they jumped a fence.

Patel told reporters he would have gladly given the teens a dollar if they had asked nicely, rather than demand it while holding a knife. He also indicated they probably wanted more than just a buck.

“I have almost 20 years of experience,” Patel said. “Sometimes the robber is coming like, ‘Give me a dollar,’ after you open the wallet, they take the whole wallet.”

Patel expects his store to reopen within the next few days, and part of the renovations include 22 new security cameras and bulletproof glass.

“I have three stores, and I’m always looking upon the safety of my employees,” Patel said.

[ CBS Boston ]

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