Nearly 50 firearms stolen from Fresno gun shop

A break-in at a Fresno gun shop Friday night resulted in nearly 50 stolen firearms on the streets and in the hands of criminals.

Authorities say it appears some 22 to 25 long guns and 23 to 25 handguns were stolen from PRK Arms. Surveillance video from neighboring businesses captured images of the suspects and the vehicles they were driving. Cameras inside the gun shop apparently weren’t working at the time of the break-in, but authorities say they have no reason to believe the break-in was an inside job.

The heist took all of two minutes, and it appears the suspects cut a lock to the security bars, then pried open a door. Authorities did not indicate whether the stolen guns were out in display cases or locked away inside the business.

All of the suspects wore hoodies, except one who wore a cowboy hat. They were driving a two-tones Ford Excursion and a second vehicle that appeared to be either a Jetta or an Altima.

[ ABC 30 ]

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