Safariland partners with Motorola, serving up new 7TS holster with CAS tech

The 7TS holster with CAS tech alerts central command when an officer's gun is drawn. (Photo: Safariland)

The 7TS holster with CAS tech alerts central command when an officer’s gun is drawn. (Photo: Safariland)

Safariland teamed up with Motorola Solutions, announcing the new 7TS duty holster outfitted with CAS technology.

The holster, alongside a Motorola Solutions radio or broadband device, automatically delivers an alert signal to an agency command center once an officer’s gun is drawn.

“Every second is critical once a law enforcement professional draws a firearm,” Sean McCarthy of Safariland said in a press release. “Our agencies and officers need real-time information to support, monitor, and respond immediately to issues in the field. Through our collaboration with Motorola Solutions we can deliver real-time alerts with mission-critical reliability to the thousands of agencies already using Motorola Solutions radios.”

Motorola Solutions Responder Alert uses a Bluetooth equipped sensor mounted directly to Safarliand’s 7TS duty holster to detect when the firearm is drawn from the rig. The Responder Alert will then directly signal an officer’s Motorola APX portable radio, LEX L10 or LEF F10. Messages are then passed through the Motorola’s software and onto the command center in real-time.

Safariland says with this system officers can remain focused on the threat.

“Not only does this system have best-in-class efficiencies without an officer ever having to stop to turn the system on, but by connecting the officer to dispatch, it also provides added security, support, and response without the officer having to change focus to make the call,” McCarthy added.

Units wishing to incorporate the 7TS with CAS technology can contact Safariland through their website to obtain additional ordering information.

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