Pumpkins versus light artillery and Lake Picatinny (VIDEOS)

In our continuing coverage of pumpkin decimation this Fall, we bring you footage of massed destruction via field artillery and even tap in an Army arsenal.

In the above footage from somewhere in Georgia, Eric with IV8888 loads up a 1.2-pound projectile atop a 1/4-pound of cannon grade black powder in their 37mm Parrott rifle to drop 46,000 ft./lbs. of energy on to a row of pumpkins โ€” which proves dramatic. Firing a first shot that riddles (spoiler) 14 jack-o-lanterns in waiting, they switch it up to include some buckshot and glue gun rounds.

In the clip below, the good folks at Picatinny Arsenal show off some of the entries to their 2017 Pumpkin Slinging competition which brings in teams from local schools in a STEM excercise that involves chunking the big October squash into Lake Picatinny via catapult and other means.

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