Cimarron Firearms introduces Bad Boy .44 Mag revolver

(Photo: Cimarron Firearms)

The Bad Boy is chambered in .44 Mag and boasts a sleek look and design. (Photo: Cimarron Firearms)

Cimarron Firearms, best known for its Old West style firearms replica arsenal, expands its historically based firearms lineup announcing the arrival of the Bad Boy revolver.

Chambered in .44 Mag, the Bad Boy utilizes a Pre-War frame with an Army style grip and octagonal barrel. The wheel gun boasts a standard blue finish with smooth walnut grips for a sleek and sophisticated design. In addition the firearm is equipped with a flat top with adjustable sights. Earning its name due to its reputation as an “annihilator” in the field and on the range, the gun boasts a classic Model P design with a little modern flare.

“Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter or just looking for some grizzly protection, the Bad Boy earns its name,” Cimarron Firearms states on its website.

Available in 6-inch or 8-inch octagonal barrel models, the Bad Boy revolver is available through Cimmaron Firearms and features a MSRP of $687.

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