10-year-old facing felony charges following high-speed chase (VIDEO)


A 10-year-old child led authorities on a high-speed chase in Ohio on Thursday morning and now faces multiple charges, including fleeing and eluding, a third-degree felony.

According to police, this was the second such incident by the same child in less than a month.

Police were alerted to the ordeal after the child’s father reported his car missing around 9 a.m. About 15 minutes later, authorities received another call from a driver who reported a car chase on the highway between two vehicles, which apparently turned out to be the child with his mother in pursuit.

Ohio State Highway Patrol took over the chase, which reached speeds of nearly 100 mph. Finally, when the kid drove off of the highway to avoid stop sticks, an officer rammed the car as the kid tried to get back on the road, bringing the chase to an abrupt end.

As officers moved in to arrest the kid, he reportedly spit in their faces, kicked one in the chin, then repeatedly banged his head on the inside of the patrol car once in custody.

[ ABC 5 ]

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